Capture Holiday Gift Ideas Easily

Phone with Gift Idea Images

Track Holiday Gift Ideas Easily When Cyber Shopping

Here is a great tip for using TagMyPicture this holiday season:  capture gift ideas  on your phone when Holiday shopping. When you see a great toy or sweater on Amazon or other online shopping site, take a picture of it and tag it with a phrase or the name of the person who could be the recipient of the gift or both.

Example Tags:


“Hand cream”

“Heidi hand cream for gift basket I will make”

You can make your complete visual list using pictures you take in TagMyPicture.

Later, when shopping for those items, you can find your pictures in the App by simply saying or typing the name of the recipient or any other word or phrase you used when you tagged the picture.

TIP: Put a common word like “Christmas” or “holiday” or “gift” in every tag and your entire list will come up when you request it in TagMyPicture.

It’s Easy to Create Your Holiday Shopping List

Creating your List is simple: Take a Picture, Give your Picture a Name, and Save your Picture in the App. Later, when you want to find a picture when shopping, you type or speak a partial keyword or phrase into the App and Tag My Picture displays the picture. Using the Tip, above, add the word ‘Gift’ so you can easily search for pictures that are on your list by just saying “Gift”.

Also, if friends or family send you pictures of potential gifts, you can save those pictures to your photo gallery. You can then import them into TagMyPicture and give them a tag to organize them. Then …  find those pictures easily by saying or typing a word or phrase.

Organize your Gift List this Holiday Season

Organize your list and download the TagMyPicture App today. Start using it immediately.

Find Your Pictures Fast!




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