1500 Baby Pictures

Me: “I heard your new grandbaby arrived!”
Beaming: “Lordy, yes. And she is the cutest, so far!”
Me: “What did they name her?”
New Grandmom: “Julie Ann. Let me show you.” Opening TagMyPicture App on her phone, she engages the voice app. “Julie”. From 1,500 pictures, 15 tagged with “Julie” display.
I get to see 15 pictures all in a row. Wow, Baby Julie Ann, is cute! Darned cute!
Now, isn’t that better than standing around waiting while New Grandmom scrolls and scrolls and scrolls and scrolls and scrolls and scrolls through 1,500 pictures?

TagMyPicture to the rescue, again!

The Benefits of Tagging Pictures using the Tag My Picture App

Have you ever spent too much time trying to find a picture on your phone?

For instance, you may be talking with a friend or family member and want to show them a picture that you took that had them in it. Or perhaps you are looking to find a picture of a recipe you took a few weeks ago. For other people, they may be looking for a number of different pictures: a car they want to buy, a picture of a flower they want to plant in the yard, friends at a game, a picture of a business card, and other pictures. You might find that you have to scroll and scroll through your gallery, as many others do, looking for the picture. This can be frustrating and takes time.
Tag My Picture helps eliminate the scrolling to find pictures on your phone. Tag My Picture lets you open your device gallery, select a picture, add a tag name description of the picture, and save it to App.
To find a picture, you can bring up the App and just type in or say a tag description related to the picture and Tag My Picture will quickly display the pictures matching the tag.
In addition, you can take pictures with Tag My Picture and immediately tag the picture with a description. Finding the picture is the same – type in or say a tag description and Tag My Picture will find any pictures matching the tag.

Email or Message your Tagged Pictures

Once you find a picture, you can touch the picture to give you an option to email or message the picture to anyone. Tag My Picture changes the name of the picture to your Tag description for easier search in email.
We hope you find Tag My Picture an enjoyable and fun way to find and manage your pictures on your phone.